Phonic Boom

Mike, formerly of the blog and band GarageSpin, has emerged from a long hiatus with a new sound and new brand, now as Phonic BOOM.

Phonic BOOM lives somewhere at the intersection of alternative rock, future bass and indie pop, seeking to bring charged, emotive life to the voices driven by the pains, fears, joys and ecstasies in Mike’s head. And a capella. (“There will be vocals. Many vocals.”)

Previously as GarageSpin, the digital marketer, songwriter and producer tracked emerging technologies empowering independent artists. At its peak, GarageSpin enjoyed 10s of thousands of monthly visitors, affiliate revenue streams and recognition among a number of influencers. Mike’s career and family life gradually gained traction, and the ‘music’ took a bit of a back seat.

Now, with a pandemic passed, some hearing loss experienced, and several years’ worth of inspiration and songwriting waiting to be produced and heard, Mike has taken on a new challenge — namely, of actually finishing some darn music.

May this latest endeavor result in an entirely new explosion of sound — fresh, powerful, stronger than ever.

Let it be a Phonic BOOM.

Please connect with me — I can’t wait to share new music with you, and to hear what you think of it:

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