Failure and redemption: the rise of Phonic BOOM

I failed.

At one point, as GarageSpin, I successfully grew a brand and follower base focused on entrepreneurial digital marketing and promotion for independent musicians. That was going pretty well. But I did not succeed at achieving the main objective that brought life to so many other activities — namely, the actual production of my own music.

All told, I recorded one ‘real’ song, two covers as marketing experiments, and a fourth I’d written for my wife. But the album I dreamed of never materialized.

My career and family life then took hold, and I essentially took a long hiatus from music production.

My muse hasn’t been completely quiet, however. I’ve been writing more songs. I’ve been learning an entirely new digital audio workstation platform, Logic Pro (previously, I used Sonar). My taste and style of music have grown and expanded, as I’ve heard bands like 21 pilots, Illenium, Jon Bellion, blackbear, and so many more blow my mind with their mashing of multiple genres to create something new.

I also learned that I’d lost some of my hearing within certain audio frequencies. (An “S” sometimes sounds like an “F” to me now, which is really, really weird.)

And there was a pandemic.

And there was my realizing, once again, life is too short to wait.

And now there’s Hypeddit, TikTok, Spotify playlists, Instagram ads….and simply a whole new world of possibility for self-promotion for the digitally savvy.

Life is not only too short, but it’s more full of possibility than ever before.

So I’m starting again, a new journey, now as Phonic BOOM. (The story of that name to follow in a separate blog post.)

I’m incredibly psyched, with renewed focus on music production, rather than just digital promotion editorialism. (Is that a word? Nope.) And this time – as I’ve been telling my friends and family for the last ten years, ha! — this time, I’ll actually finish some decent music. Hopefully.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and checking in — it truly means the world to me!