New Song: “Resilient”

PhonicBOOM’s first song, Resilient

“Resilient,” also referred to as “Together We’re Resilient,” is hitting a streaming service near you. Check out the track, lyrics and backstory below. Huge thanks to my team at Mastercard for helping inspire me to create it! (Full story below.)



Heading into headwinds

We haven’t seen before

Not alone, but now as one

As one we march forward


It’s a human, superpower

Me and you can, own the hour

Write our story, we’re here and now

Page in history, this is ours


Together we’re resilient!

Yeah we’re millions …can’t be stopped

Radiating brilliance…on mountain tops

Heartbeats in unison… to the beat drop

Together we’re resilient!


We’re building up bridges, tearing down walls

Our horizon’s ambitious, we answer the call

We’re infinitely complex, we are motion perpetual

What makes us different, is what makes us invincible


I wrote “Resilient” (or “Together We’re Resilient”) in early 2020 when so many things in the world were challenging our way of life — from the pandemic to racial inequity to financial disparity to gender inequality — but so many communities and companies (including mine) were pulling together to face those headwinds together.

And then I shelved it. (Boo! In my defense, I was working on another song project at the time.)

I dusted the song off in April 2021, with intent to include it in an EP project I was working on, when I had a spark of an idea.

I’d been fortunate enough to be able to witness and participate in some phenomenal programs at Mastercard, such as the Angelino Campaign, the One Billion commitment and the In Solidary program. At the same time, Mastercard had launched its Sonic Brand (along with several related pop singles). What if I were to incorporate that sonic brand into the song? The song’s message of resilience, unity and diversity aligned incredibly well with Mastercard’s culture and mission.

I ran the idea by my colleague (thank you, Allison), and long story short, months later, a plan materialized to feature the song in an upcoming internal campaign aimed to bring its people closer together.

Let me tell you, there is nothing like a deadline to light a fire under a procrastinating artist’s arse. Lo and behold, I finished PhonicBOOM’s first song.

Huge thanks to the whole team at Mastercard — Izabela, Adrienne and Allison especially — for being open to a cool idea, and for helping the song connect to the same audience that helped inspire it!

To everyone, as always, together we’re resilient!